How to Select the Best Granite Countertops

Choosing a brand new counter-top for your bathroom or kitchen can be daunting when you factor in durability,  cost of the material and still having to make it work  with your home’s decor.

Deciding a granite counter-top installer is another item added to the list.  Or you could contact us as we service the Lower Mainland, and are located in beautiful Coquitlam

However, if you want a high return on your investment – choose a granite counter-top for your home.

The heart of the home is the kitchen, and every family spends lots of time here. Since we love it so much, we don’t mind spending money on a remodeled kitchen for our home as a remodeled kitchen has a high ROI merging beauty with function – two items all homeowners desire.

The reason Granite is a popular choice is because it’s highly durable and gives your kitchen great texture. The stone can come in a myriad of colors, making it difficult to choose the right color for your home.

Some best practices for Transforming Your Bathroom or Kitchen With the Granite Counter-tops

Sizable Samplings

Too small of samples makes it hard to visualize what the actual material will look like in your kitchen.

Feel free to play with online design tools, but take home large samples, even if you have to pay for them.

Look at the elements up close while visiting the stone yard as Color and veining can differ widely even within a slab, so when you find a piece you love, reserve it.

Sink Consideration

Any countertop material will go with a top-mounted sink which is dropped in after the countertop is installed.

Under-mounted sinks work best with waterproof countertop materials such as concrete, solid surfacing, stainless steel, stone, or quartz and are placed under the countertop.

Materials, such as solid surfacing and stainless, are used for both the sink and counter, creating a seamless look.

Manage Those Measurements

Our fabricator will take final measurements, making accuracy our responsibility.

We insist that the estimate and contract specify the material’s thickness and finish, and fees for cutouts for the sink, faucet, and cooktop, along with edge treatment, backsplash, and removal of old counters.


Before You Buy

When it comes to color, material, and pattern, you have more countertop choices than ever.

Some materials such as granite, limestone, concrete, marble, and stainless steel are transferring from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Take note most bathroom countertops see less wear and tear than kitchen countertops, but you should still look at materials that are more likely to resist stains and chips.

Although the look of your countertop is a significant factor don’t forget to determine the strengths and weaknesses between materials, rather than between manufacturers and focus on the following for everyday use:

  • Tolerances to heat,
  • Stains,
  • Abrasions,
  • Cutting (slicing and chopping), and
  • Impact.


If you don’t have the Budget

Consider mixing material or looking for sales as a way to save.

Use the more expensive material on prominent areas such as an island and a less expensive material on the perimeter.

Buy remnants for smaller spaces, such as a pastry slab, islands, or a bathroom counter, and mix and match pieces for more significant areas.

Determine you edges as beveled and bull-nosed edges add style but may increase the cost where rounded corners can be safer than squared edges, and may cost less.

Ask about the warranty when considering your countertop material.

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Choosing Granite Counter-Top Colors

Here are just a few of the colors to choose from:

Black Granite 

Looks Elegant

A black countertop paired with neutral cabinets can transform your kitchen into an elegant and classic look.

Kitchens with large windows that bring in lots of natural light look spectacular with black countertops providing a subtle elegance and giving the room a timeless appeal.

While black granite is almost solid black, the silver specks and sparkles will show up when the light hits the countertop.

If you think black countertops made of Granite will create the feel of a small looking kitchen, pair them with white cabinets making the counters your kitchen’s focal point with a modern feel.


White Granite

Add a Modern Touch to your space.

White granite countertops give a contemporary, clean look. 

Pure white granite is difficult to source as it has mostly grey, blue, black, or reddish flecks. contemporary

White countertops complement kitchens with new stainless steel appliances.

Mixing white with your modern appliances create an up-to-date look if you tend to lean towards a more traditional look pair the white granite with vintage appliances.

The great thing about white granite countertops is that the color can be very versatile.

Request several color options before you choose a hue because if you buy the wrong shade, your kitchen may look washed out.


Red Granite

Go Bold with Red

Red granite comes in various shades and patterns, including deep, rich burgundy along with brighter shades giving an energetic vibe to the space.

It can be hard to find, and red granite can have blue, white, or silver highlight making the combination of color brilliant.

Best to match it with neutral cabinetry to prevent it from overpowering the room.

Green Granite

Great in Traditional Homes

These countertops are earthy and have brown and grey undertones.

They may have markings that look almost geometric.

Green granite countertops work best with painted cabinets & shiny fixtures.

However, if you want a more down to earth, natural look and relaxing feel use wood cabinets and bronze hardware.

Blue Granite

Clean Looking

Blue granite never fails and is appreciated for the appeal of its patterns.

Its patterns fall into two categories: homogeneous meaning the granite’s minerals are evenly distributed to form a pattern, and veined meaning minerals form swirls within the stone.

The majority of blue Granite have bases made of blue and black, but some have grey, white, and brown bases.

Granite isn’t just an old stone it has long reigned as the top countertop choice. It is an excellent choice for a variety of kitchen and bathroom designs and can be the best option for your countertops.

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